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    But how much does it cost?

    A typical app will cost you somewhere between USD $400 and USD $4000. depending on the size and complexity of the app.

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    Can I trust you??

    Yes you can! App development is what we do for a living.

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    How long does it take??

    Typically between 2 weeks and 3 months depending on the size of the app and how many developers we can allocate to your project.

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    Do you make quality apps?

    Your project will be handled by our skilled staff trained and supervised by Danish senior developers. We deliver Danish quality development at Mauritian prices. Try the apps in our portfolio to check.


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    App Development with Cykra

    Choosing Cykra as your app developer often means the beginning of a long term relationship with the friendly staff of Cykra. The process begins by a collaborative process to design, shape and solidify your concept to make it ready for the development phase.

    Once ready, the Cykra staff takes control of your project and begins the development phase by designing a proper software architecture to serve as a rigid platform for your app.
    The next step is programming your app, during which, you will receive weekly status updates with screenshots or app demo's. This process will often be split up into multiple milestones depending on the size of your app.

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    Protecting the Idea

    Some app ideas are so unique that the idea itself becomes sensitive information and should be handled accordingly. We recognise confidentiality is critical and therefore offer a non binding non-disclosure agreement between us and our clients when necessary.

    We have realised many app ideas during our years of operation and our staff are well aware and trained in handling this kind of sensitive information.

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    Portability and Responsivness

    All Cykra apps are developed as multiplatform HTML5 apps supporting all phone & tablet sizes for Android and iOS. Additionally we implement support for Windows Phone for those who require.

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    Visual Appeal & Identity

    All Cykra apps are delivered with beautiful modern design. This is just as important to us as it is to you. Each app we produce reflects on Cykra as an app production brand and we wouldn't want to be known as anything but the best!

    In some cases, a clients brand identity must be conveyed accurately through the app. For this purpose we collaborate with some of the best designers in the business to ensure the brand identity is implemented correctly.
    Should a client want to provide their own designer, we will be happy to work with the individual as long as the design quality meets the standards of a Cykra app.

User Behaviour Analysis

We offer our clients the best user behaviour analysis information with Google Analytics implementations.

Cloud Hosting

For the apps that require a server, Cykra offers the best cloud solutions in the industry at a competitive rate.

Terms of Service Agreements

Cykra partners with lawfirm KSN Associates to provide our clients with international Terms of Service agreements when required.


App Website

Does your app need a stunning promo website? We can deliver it along with your app