About Cykra Ltd

A brand of quality

Cykra Ltd was founded in 2014 by Danish entrepreneur Nicklas Wolff, as an offshore software development company specializing in app and website development.

During its first year of operation, Cykra became a close partner company to Danish &hype, delivering loyalty apps and websites to &hype customers all over Scandinavia. At the same time, Cykra built a small customer base on its own in Mauritius and Denmark.
Starting 2016, Cykra began a strategy to establish itself as a brand for high quality app and website development.

While Cykra primarily produces apps and websites for customers, it also produces its own products. Most noteworthy the Lifekees Password Manager.

Also, Cykra launched a number of services in one website called airport.mu to improve the online infrastructure of Mauritius:

Passionate about Precision

In any craft, work comes in varying degrees of quality and this is certainly true also for apps and websites. It is of upmost importance to our business plan that we deliver the best of the best without exception.

Obsessed with Architecture

Good software architecture is one of the main pillars of any Cykra product. We pride ourselves on building durable solutions that are highly scalable when necessary.


A selection of our clients.

Customer Testimonials

Application Innovation Services delivers robust solutions for industry leadership in today's complex world

We have been partnering with Cykra since long and can only recommend them for their professionalism and rapidity.
Nicklas and his team are very friendly and creative and know a big deal about customer service.
We have been very satisfied with their services.


Director @ Aquaventure Ltd
All round great team to work with. We have been collaborating on projects for over a year now and highly recommend them.

Website development customer Ruddy from moments.mu


Director @ &hype
Excellent service all round. It's a pleasure to have your support and profesionalism. Always going the extra mile whenever I needed to. Thank you and specially to you Nicklas. Keep it up.

Website development customer Ruddy from moments.mu


We have been working with Cykra for several years now and are very satisfied. Nicklas and his team are very responsive and go the extra mile to please the customer. Cykra is a very professional, friendly and creative company that we can highly recommend.
Keep up the good work!


Director @ Aquaventure Ltd